Carters Steam Fair

Dodgem Experience


Travel back in time, dash around the track to the sounds of classic Rock’n’Roll music in beautiful 1960s vintage dodgems…

Tucked away in the countryside of White Waltham, Maidenhead; Carters HQ have brought back to life a set of 18 original dodgem cars from the 1960s. The picture-perfect dodgems, known as Supercar Italias, have been through a lengthy restoration process that has taken 25 years of on-and-off work.
Their big reveal was planned for the opening of the fairground’s 2020 tour back in April but was cancelled due to Covid-19. As lockdown measures begin to ease, Carters Steam Fair have found a different way to present the dodgems safely to the public.

Book up a private 30 minute Dodgem Experience at Carters where you can have these beautifully restored vintage cars all to yourself and at least 4 other guests.

A showman has always had to innovate to stay ahead of the times and I wanted to find new ways to help keep our fair on the road whilst giving our fans something unique in return.”

Joby Carter, fairground owner and traditional signwriter

After you’ve finished riding you can also pick up your pre-ordered Pick ‘n’ Mix from the Carters Sweet Emporium and play a game of Hook-a-Duck (with a prize every time!) Just make sure to add these extras when you book your dodgem experience.

Our experience

This experience would be perfect as a family weekend treat with children above 1.1m. We took our toddler with us – we knew he would be unable to ride on the dodgems but he still loved the lights, sounds, watching the cars and winning a teddy at the hook a duck. Carters were following Covid 19 guidelines and the whole set up felt very well organised and safe.

Be aware that the mechanical parts of the dodgems are quite oily and this might get on clothes and shoes so don’t dress up in your Sunday best!

The VIP experience costs £12* per rider and gives you private access to the dodgems for 30 minutes so you can stay within your own family group or other households that you’ve chosen to join a bubble with. The minimum number of riders per booking is 5, and the maximum is 24.

Details on how to book can be found here. Open until 1 November 2020.

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