A Big Announcement!

Extremely excited to announce that baby no.2 will be arriving at the end of November!

The first 16 weeks were pretty full on, the tiredness of the first trimester coupled with an extremely energetic toddler was quite challenging at times. Like with my first, I had a complete aversion to anything sweet and for a few weeks just scrolling through the Insta feed for Berkshire Collective was too much for my stomach! There were a few memorable Insta vs Reality moments for instance when I went on a crazy food haul at the amazing Metre Market in Holyport – we were visiting my parents and took all the treats for them to sample in a rather extravagant lunch which sadly all proved too much for little bean on the car journey home after I tucked into a rich but delicious Eton Mess Doughnut.

I also experienced some bleeding at week 10 which I found stressful, particularly the long wait alone in A&E because of Covid. Thankfully everything was ok but my heart goes out to anyone who has experienced this or suffered a miscarriage – I can’t imagine the pain it causes.

I have mostly craved granola, berries and greek yoghurt and have a strange craving for salad with peanuts at specifically 4pm! I have linked below a few things that made the first four months a little more enjoyable incase any of my readers are expecting too! I must admit that most of these were inspired purchases from one of The Anna Edit’s youtube videos!

Ginger shots
Greek Yoghurt
Lululemon Align Leggings
Susanne Kaufmann Stretch Mark Oil
Folic Acid with Ginger

On a side note… watch this space for Christmas Hamper updates – after the success of last year I am working on ways to ensure they can be launched without any newborn distractions!

Photographs by the ever so talented Jennie Colbourne Photography [AD]

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